Grandma Angie's Father- Salvatore

The Implacable Sicilian

“A Sicilian man with a tormented soul, a man not easily appeased, struggles to find happiness as he sees all of his dreams shattered, one by one.”




A Sicilian Saga  “This is actually three books that are all put together in one, so it feels natural to take a break between each book, but once I started reading, I wanted to keep going to see what happens! I became involved with each of the characters, especially the women…some because of their passion and emotions, and some because of their strength and perseverance. I also enjoyed the colorful descriptions of the different landscapes and all the delicious food that seemed to connect the families together. The multiple story lines were both compelling and sometimes heart wrenching, but that is what kept me wanting to read and find out how everything was going to end. Especially knowing that the book was based on true stories, which made it more poignant. If you like books that have love, adventure, history and drama, you will enjoy this book.” –D. McCord


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