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A Special Interview

"I recently had the honor of interviewing the author of "A Sicilian Saga".  At 91 years young, she is still full of spunk, love and wisdom." --Rosanne An Interview with Geraldine D. Villalba 1) When did you first begin to write and have you always enjoyed writing? I first began to write when in grade… Continue reading A Special Interview

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The Wonderful Feast

"The guests sat around the tables and merriment abounded as everyone partook of the wonderful feast..."   The wine flowed and so did the loosened tongues.  Everyone stood up and made a toast to the newly christened child and his parents.  Some of the toasts were hilarious, and loud laughter echoed for quite a distance.  Surprisingly,… Continue reading The Wonderful Feast

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Lifetime of Traditions

Coming from a Sicilian family, many of my favorite traditions revolve around food!  Can any of you relate?  I have fond memories of my mother baking gingerbread men and getting to help decorate the fragrant treats and now my children look forward to doing the same.   Lasagna is a Christmas Eve tradition.  If you’ve never… Continue reading Lifetime of Traditions