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Home For Christmas

Will you be home for Christmas?  I hope so.  If you can’t be there physically, a phone call could bring you there.  Or maybe even a video chat!  With all our new technology, it is much easier to “go home” for the holidays.  Maybe you can only go “home” in your memories.  However you go there, I hope you will take a special moment to think of those you love, near or far, here or there, and be thankful for them.  People say that, “Home is where the heart is”.  May your heart be home this Christmas!  SAMSUNG DIGIMAX A503

“Are you going home for Christmas?  Have you written you’ll be there?  Going home to kiss the mother and to show her that you care?  Going home to greet the father in a way to make him glad?  If you’re not I hope there’ll never come a time you’ll wish you had.  Just sit down and write a letter—it will make their heart strings hum; with a time of perfect gladness—if you’ll tell them that you’ll come.”  –Edgar Albert Guest

Family is so important!  Blessings, from the Italian Ladies 🙂


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