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Family Tales

I’d like to introduce you to my mom.  My little 4′.9″ Sicilian, spunky mama.  She is 90 years young.   She could boast many accomplishments over her long life, such as being married to my handsome dad for 70 years, or dedicating her life to her family & raising four daughters.  She would never tell you that these things are special, but I will.  She has taught me so much and been a shining example of a lady, wife and mother.

Mom and Me
A couple of Italian Ladies

I am going to do a little more bragging.  I hope you don’t mind.  This lovely lady is also an author.  This same lady that began reading to me ever since I can remember and taught me a love for books, has now written her own.  She has just finished and published the third part of a family saga.  It is a book written about her family and the tales her own mother handed down to her.

This historical saga is based on a true story, although the names of all the characters have been changed.  To fill in the gaps, Mom took writer’s license and fictionalized many of the characters and incidents.

I hope you will be inspired, that even at 90 years old, you can still accomplish your dreams.

Thank you for letting me gush a moment.  You can find her book for sale on Amazon and it is now on Sale for 20% Off for the month of December.  Christmas SaleI love you Mom!  You are truly an inspiration!




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