Family · Tales & Tidbits

Bananas, Brothers & Bites

I have a little story that I would like to share with all of our readers.  It goes like this. –Geraldine D. Villalba Mom-Geraldine Darlene Sanfilippo

“When I was ten years old, and this was during the depression years, my younger brother came to me with a banana.  It was the only one left and he wanted to have it right then and there.  I wanted it as well.  So my mother being the diplomat that she was said we could both have half each.  I unpeeled the banana and proceeded to break it in half.  My brother complained that his half was smaller than my half.  I gladly took a bite of mine and told him that now they were the same in size.  My mother hid her smile but said nothing.  My brother seemed satisfied and ate his piece without any other complaints.”


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